Disclaimer:  I’ve been working on a special blog for our unborn angel, Julia Grace, but I’m just not ready to share it yet.  I thought I was but I’m not.  I didn’t want to leave folks hanging without anything so I dug up a little something silly that I wrote over a year ago…hope you enjoy!  And thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for all the kind messages via mail, email, Facebook, twitter etc… I don’t consider you fans but friends and family.  Thank you for your never ending support and unconditional love.   Please continue to keep my wife and baby in your prayers… xo, aw

ME AND CARRIE UNDERWOOD  – Yes mom I know it should be “CARRIE UNDERWOOD & I”

“You’re blessed when you’re content with just who you are—no more, no less. That’s the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can’t be bought.” Matthew 5:5 (The Message)

            Ok, so maybe the title is a little misleading…I mean a whole lot misleading but I bet it got your attention.  I’d like to think that Ms. Underwood is well aware of the Honky Tonk Kid and even knows a song or two of mine, but who in the heck am I kidding!  She wouldn’t know me from Adam.  The truth is that Ms. Underwood and I are about as far apart on the Country Music spectrum as two can be.  She is a gorgeous blonde that looks and sings like an angel and I, on the other hand, am a “not so gorgeous” brunette who is about as incredibly average as an average country boy can get.  She has probably sold more records in ten minutes then I have sold in the last ten years of working my tail off.  She is married to a hockey player and I like hockey about as much as I like cauliflower or those squishy green peas that mom forced me to eat by making me sit at the kitchen table for hours until I did.  I can honestly only tell you a few songs that she sings. I know “Jesus Take the Wheel” and the song where she vandalizes her cheating boyfriend’s car.  It’s the one that goes “I dug the keys into the side of his pretty little something, something four wheel drive then carved my name into his leather seats…”  *Quick note to all you ladies…whether your man deserves it or not, destroying his car will certainly get you a little jail time.  If by chance you cannot contain yourself, then please leave behind no fingerprints, and for crying out loud, don’t carve your name into the seats because this kind of evidence will only incriminate you further when you go to trial! Ha ha! 

            On a serious note, there is one song she sings that I truly love. I saw a video recording from some award show with her singing the gospel hymn “How Great Thou Art” with Vince Gill.  They sang together so beautifully that I’m sure all of Heaven stood in awe for a moment to admire their heavenly performance.  I’ve only watched it on YouTube about a thousand times and her performance absolutely amazes me.  Her passion for the Lord is obvious and upfront and I love that!  Carrie and I have little in common, except our love for Jesus and Country Music, yet our paths have surprisingly crossed a few times.  I have had a couple of opportunities to meet this lovely Oklahoma gal now crowned the Queen of Country Music but respectfully declined both times, or should I say completely chickened out.  Perhaps I was afraid that I just might react like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert or even like my mother going crazy over Paul McCartney at a Beatles concert from back in the day!



            My first Carrie Underwood encounter came at the 2009 ACM (Academy of Country Music) awards at the MGM in Las Vegas.  Maybe I’m crazy but I wasn’t too thrilled about attending this event.  Yes, I was honored to receive an invitation but we had been touring pretty hard and I really just wanted to be at home with my two little boys, Jake and Jack.  But despite not wanting to go, I ended up going after all for two reasons a) my wife really wanted to go and she always seems to get her way, and b) we also had invitations and backstage passes to George Strait’s Artist of the Decade ceremony…which was awesome! 


          So there I am at the ACM awards, sitting next to my beautiful bride in the “artist” section on the tenth row or so.  All around us are these hot shot celebs like Matthew McConaughey, Jamie Fox, Taylor Swift, etc., etc. Just a few rows away, I spot one of my all time heroes, the former Dallas Cowboy quarterback, Mr. Roger Staubach!  I lean over to Kimberly and say, “I could really care less about meeting 99.9% of the people here, but I’ve just got to meet Mr. Staubach.”  I hopped up from my seat like a man on a mission and walked down to say hello to the former Navy officer, All American Heisman trophy winner, 2-time Super Bowl Champ, Super Bowl MVP, NFL Hall of Famer, legendary Dallas Cowboy QB, aka Captain Comeback, aka Captain America, the one and only Mr. Roger Staubach.  As I got a few “yards” from Roger, I looked up and there was Ms. Underwood standing there in all her beauty wearing some white dress with sparkly thingies all over it!  I could have easily just walked up and said hello but I didn’t!  Maybe I was worried that some dormant stutter condition that had remained hidden inside me all my life would suddenly plaque my speech.  Sounding something like Hel…l….l…o M…M…M…Ms. Underw…w…w..wood.  I just smiled and walked past her as if she was just any other good looking blonde and then introduced myself to Mr. and Mrs. Staubach and talked with them for several minutes. Now if you’re wondering whether  my sweet wife would of cared if I’d had the courage to talk with Carrie Underwood, I assure you absolutely not; she doesn’t have a jealous bone in her body. Besides, I’m pretty sure she was way too busy staring at Matthew McConaughey.  When he walked past us, all she could say was, “Oh wow.”      


            Since the ACM awards, I’ve had several opportunities to visit with Mr. Staubach: Colt McCoy’s wedding reception, the Cowboy’s fundraiser benefit where we played a dinner show, etc.  He is one of my all-time heroes because he was a class act both on and off the field.  I look up to Mr. Staubach and admire the level of integrity in which he lives his life.  He postponed his NFL career to fulfill his Navy obligations in which he served in Vietnam and then ended his career early because he wanted to spend more time with his family.  He is a leader by example, by putting others before himself and standing up for what is morally right, regardless.  I once saw an interview from the mid 70’s where the sports interviewer was asking Roger about his wholesome image.  Roger first responded by saying he is always compared to Joe Namath (aka Hollywood Joe) who was well known for being a ladies man.  His next response caught the interviewer totally off guard.  He said, “I may be married with kids but I still like to have fun!  I like sex as much as Joe Namath but I just choose to do that with one girl.”  Now there’s a statement I can relate to.  In today’s world with so many athletes and stars surrounded by scandal and selfishness, we need more role models like Roger.  I have high expectations for my boys, Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley!  My two little boys refer to them as Tolt Matoy and Jordan Slippy!


            I had a wonderful evening that night, not because of the ACM experience, but I had the time of my life falling a little more in love with my sweetheart next to me.  We even made it on national TV for .0001 seconds! If you recorded it and pause it just at the right spot you could see us plain as day.  It was easy to pick us out on the wide screen shots of the crowd because I was one of only about a dozen guys wearing a cowboy hat.  Kimberly and I were on cloud nine that night.  We had just found out that she was pregnant with our third baby doll, Ms. Jolee Kate!  After the ACM awards, we had a big time out on the town including a late night romantic dinner at the Mix, which is a fancy restaurant at the top of THE HOTEL at Mandalay Bay that overlooks the strip.  When folks back home heard that I attended the ACM’s I had several naively ask if I was up for an award.   I laughed and said, “No, not even close!”  But in my eyes I felt like I had won Country Artist of the Millennium because I was there with the most beautiful and elegant woman in the world.  And better than any award, I was the guy who got to share a pillow with her that night…if ya know what I’m saying! 😉 


            My second Carrie Underwood sighting came a few months later at the 2010 St Jude Radiothon Kick Off in Memphis, Tennessee.  Carrie and I were literally shoulder to shoulder for probably ten minutes.  At the big dinner presentation, the event coordinator had all the artists in alphabetical order except backwards…not A to Z, but Z to A.  I’m pretty sure they flipped this around because they were planning on Ms. Underwood with her “U” to be the first one to walk across the stage where all the artists received a framed coloring picture from some of the young cancer patients.  Well along comes Mr. Watson and his “W” to screw up everything.  So what they did was flip me and Ms. Underwood so she could go first.  Of course, I didn’t mind at all, I was just so honored to be there.  Like I said, I stood next to Carrie for about ten minutes, never saying a word, which is saying a lot because I rarely have nothing to say!  At one point, I glanced at her and she looked at me and smiled. I then kind of grinned back and felt my face get red. About that time, the two girls from Little Big Town walked up to Carrie to see her big engagement ring.  That diamond looked like it was as big around as a quarter.  All I could think was, “I bet you could buy a nice size ranch back home in Texas with what that diamond ring probably cost.”   I quickly lost interest in the girl’s conversation as they began talking wedding stuff. 


            Out of nowhere the MC for the night called “Carrie Underwood” and there was a roar like you would hear at the Ballpark in Arlington if Josh Hamilton were to hit a game winning walk off home run!  Then the MC said, “Aaron Watson” and I actually heard crickets chirping and maybe my manager Gino clapping lightly.  I’m not gonna lie, I swallowed a little pride right then. It was kind of embarrassing in a way, but I got over it the very next second and graciously received my precious hippo coloring from one of the cancer patients and it now hangs proudly in my office.   Over the years, I have found that swallowing your pride is very nutritious for the soul.

            Earlier that week, back home in Abilene, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hold it together when I visited St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Have I mentioned that I love kiddos more than anything?!  Growing up, I always wanted to help my mom with the nursery at church just so I could be around those little rug rats.  You can imagine how I’m in total heaven now that I have babies of my own.  I have a strong passion for children so I was unsure about how I would respond to seeing those brave kiddos who were fighting for their lives.  I used to hide it, but these days I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m kind of a softy or a crybaby when it comes to certain things.  It can be really inconvenient at times and especially annoying when watching a chick flick with Kimberly. She looks over at me, laughs and says, “Awe, you’re tearing up, that’s so cute!”  I surprisingly held it together all week; those kids were excited and that made me smile, but inside I still hurt so badly for them.   

            On the  last day of the Radiothon all the artists were set up in booths where radio DJ’s from all over the country could swing by and get custom liners for their radio stations.  My booth was somewhere in-between Carrie’s and Jewels’ and I was certain that I would basically be sitting there sipping on my cup of humble coffee all day.   I even told my manager that we should run by the store, pick up some cokes and cookies and perhaps that would help me attract some attention.  As the radio DJ’s began to show up and fill the room I was surprisingly shocked that I had a decent line all by myself and was even getting a fair share of Carrie & Jewel’s overflows and left overs. It looked as if we had what they like to refer to as “strategic product placement.” So many of the DJ’s told me they had been following my career for years now and that they were sorry that they couldn’t play my music on their mainstream stations.  For all of you not in the music biz, radio play is a very political game and if you’re not on a major record label then its next to impossible to have any success but every once in awhile an independent artist slips through and has a hit.  I told them to not worry about it that I was eating good and my wife spends money like it grows on a tree, so we were doing well at the Watson house!  I was also asked by several DJ’s how I was having so much success without any major label support.  I said, “Well, you can’t give the credit to a record label because there isn’t one – so my only explanation is that I have to give all the credit to the good Lord up above.”  Anything is possible with a little assistance from God.  Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  It says “all things” which means the sky is the limit. I finished most my conversations by saying, “I am not a Country Artist… I am a Christian Artist that sings country music”. 

            I had a wonderful week at St. Jude’s.  I didn’t have a mob of kids and parents begging for my attention or autograph, probably because most of them were waiting for Joe Nichols, Jewel, Lynyrd Skynrd, Carrie and so on.  But there was one little boy about 3 1/2 that I connected with and he thought I was pretty cool because of my cowboy hat, alligator boots and cowboy church belt buckle.  I really enjoyed spending time with him, he reminded me so much of both my little boys.  And then there was that beautiful, bald headed teenage girl who flipped out as I passed her in the hospital hallway.  She screamed, “Aaron Watson!”, and then just about came out of her wheelchair.  She was from Texas and had seen me play several shows in Corpus Christi.  A large scar on her head was left from a recently removed brain tumor and the surgery left her with a strong speech impediment.  She was pale, looked so fragile and tired, but lit up like a million watt light bulb when she recognized me.  I hugged and hugged and hugged her and kissed her on the head, then did the same with her mother.  I was moved by her and her mother’s strength and courage.  I hope and pray she and that little boy are on the road to recovery and good health.  Those two kids taught me a good lesson that day- just because you’re not the top dog to everybody doesn’t mean you’re not the top dog to somebody.    

            There were lots of big Whigs from Nashville at the St Jude’s benefit.  One guy from a major record label asked me if I was content just being “some small time Texas artist.”   Of course I had to bite my tongue for a second, but then I told him when I first started I had a few goals…I wanted to have an awesome band, a nice bus, make music for a living, and if possible, I always dreamed of singing a song with Willie.  Well guess what folks?  I’m four for four and that’s what I call a pretty good day at the ballpark.  I am blessed and dang proud to be a “small time Texas artist.”  


            I got home from Memphis at about 10 pm and my little boys were sound asleep.  I was aching to see them so Momma gave me permission to sneak into their room.  I laid down next to my boys and kissed them on their foreheads, ran my fingers through their hair and as I did, I thought about all those little bald heads at St Jude’s.  I said a prayer for all of them.             

Count your many blessings.  It’s easy to get so wrapped up in all the insignificance and competition in life that we forget the little things that matter the most.  The grass always looks greener on the other side.  In life there will always be something bigger and better beyond your reach, a prettier girl, a better quarterback, a bigger house, a faster car, a fancier tour bus, a better singer with bigger record sales.  When you’re feeling low, feeling like a failure, look at how you are looking at your life.  Is the cup half full or half empty?  Find those blessings that you so often take for granted.  EVEN THE GUY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TOTEM POLE SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT HE ISNT THE PART OF THE POLE THAT’S BURIED 3 FEET UNDER GROUND.

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God…” Matthew 5:3 (The Message)


            I wasn’t going to mention this but I just have to.  As I stood backstage there next to Carrie, after we made eye contact and I blushed while the Little Big Town girls were going gaga over that engagement ring, I wrote Kimberly a text message that said, “standing next to Carrie Underwood and she is smoking HOT!”  I pushed send and waited and waited and waited.  After a few minutes with no response from Kimberly I sent another text that said “…but only half as smoking HOT as you!”  She then sent a text that just said, “WHATEVER LOSER!” 


            One of my little buddies, actually he is about 6 ft 3 now and is going to be a senior in high school, asked me if Carrie was as beautiful in person as she looked on TV.  I said she is absolutely that beautiful and classy, stunning and seems to be as sweet as she can be.  There are only two girls that I know that can top her!  I bet you know which one’s I’m talking about….

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  1. Haha, this was an enjoyable read!

  2. Wow you know how to stir the emotion and how to help one remember what is truly important in life. Thank you so much for sharing with us the way you do. It means a ton as a fan. It keeps you more than just a song we hear.

  3. What a totally encouraging and uplifting blog. It is so relivant to good, clean, wholesome Christianity. You know what is important in life and you are living it and doing what you love. Keep it up!!!

  4. Gotta say, my heart kinda sank when I saw the title. Carrie is one of my least favorite artists. Not because of her looks or vocal talent (she indeed sits near the top on those lists) but because of her support of Animal Rights organizations. But once again AW, you have some very valid points to make and greatly appreciate the reality check. No matter where on that pole we sit, we can’t take our blessings for granted. I find it hard, but maybe I shouldn’t judge her so hard without knowing who she is as a person.

    Oh, and you mimiced my thoughts when you said, “I bet you could buy a nice size ranch back home in Texas with what that diamond ring probably cost” Love it!

  5. I, too, list Carrie Underwood at the bottom of my list, but thanks for the insight. I cheered her on at first, but am extremely tired of the popular girl singers bashing guys. As a mother of two sweet boys, (and an awesome girl), I’m dismayed that those lyrics sink into the brains of all the young fans out there. I’ll continue to turn down the volume for CU, but turn it up for AW!

    • I agree! I mean, I love Carrie, but I hate how society is bashing men, raising a generation of bitter women! I know there is a lot of awful men out there, but there’s also a lot of great ones! My brother and AW are living proof of that!

  6. I love all of these post, but today’s really hit me hard…. I had a talk yesterday with a friend of mine about how, life sometimes slaps you in the face, well I got slap yesterday, and another big one today after reading this. Its amazing how you can feel like your life is so bad, and then one day realize that there is always someone having a worse day than you.

  7. great post. love the blog and great Texas Country Music from Aaron Watson!

  8. I am so impressed with this guy, but after reading this I admire him even respect him as a role model I can honestly follow!!

  9. Thank you for that blog. You are an outstanding country musician, but what tops all this is you are a Christian that loves God, family and you aren’t ashamed to express and show it openly. Thank you this world needs more men like you.

  10. As much as I would love to see you get an Award for your outstanding talent, remember that you will be rewarded in Heaven one day for all of your kind acts and living for Him and that is worth more than anything you receive here on earth! Thanks for sharing and we will continue to keep your family in our prayers.

  11. Your posts seem to come just when I need them most. The Matthew 5:3 scripture fits so well and is just what I needed to hear today. I know things are rough right now but you are such a faith filled person and I know God will continue to strengthen you and your family. I will keep you all in my prayers. Keep doing what you are doing and hold tight to your faith.

  12. Boy you sure do know how to make me cry. I love your blogs. I too dont like Carrie over the animla rights thing but the How Great Thou Art was awesome. Aaron keep doing what your doing now matter how “small of a Texas artist” one things you are because in my Heart your Big TIme. I love ya man… Jeannie ( O…Aunt Jeannie,lol)

  13. i must say after being a fan for a while now i have never read your barbed wire halo blog but have recently become addicted to it. I am trying to better my life in many ways and you are one of my biggest inspirations. You are such a role model to many in texas and you are so humble and i hope that you stay that way even when you become a big time star (which no offense i really hope you dont bc we soooo love you in texas!!)

  14. There is nothing hotter than a man who is so in love with his wife! I am soooooo blessed with such a man! Those I have thought were so “hot” over the years….were such men……So Aaron….YOU ARE HOT!! smile,
    but NOT as HOT as MY MAN!!!

  15. Aaron, i never realized how much of an amazing person you are!! Ive always loved your music from the first time i heard your “Off the Record” song. And after reading this blog, im an even bigger fan! I personally dont think you need some big record deal, you have GOD, your family, and your Texas fans, thats ALL you need!!!! And i absolutely love how you said, “I am not a country artist, Im a Christian artist that sings country music!!! Thanks for the inspiration!! ~MEL;)

  16. Awesome Aaron! Loved every word. You are on the top of my favorite Christian Country Artist list! Love you and keeping you and you gorgeious family in my prayers

  17. Loved reading this! I love how much you adore your wife and kids!

  18. Love reading the way you see things! You are a big dog to us here in West Texas…please don’t ever change!

  19. Great post, Aaron. Thanks for the music and for sharing your thoughts and soul with us!

  20. Wonderful post, Aaron. I love your music and that you praise God first! Keep up the good work!

  21. Oh Aaron! You truly are my all time favorite artist! I just love you! My totem pole of who I look up to and admire goes something like God, Momma, Brother, Nana, Aaron Watson! No lie! In the two times I’ve met you, although I doubt you remember, you made me feel special, like I was, as you say, your friend as oppose to fan. I love that when people seek you, they find God, so keep up the good work!

  22. Aaron, thanks for sharing. Your words are such an inspiration. You are truly a reminder that strong values, good family roots (I love your Mama for making you eat ALL of your food), and God’s glory are what’s important. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  23. Wow, I cried several times while reading this. You are an amazing man, and the love you have for your family is so awesome! When reading this, you made me think of how thankful I am for my husband. The way you brag about your wife, is how my husband talks about me(so everyone says, they all thought I was a supermodel before meeting me, boy were they disappointed when meeting me). Just wanted to say Thanks for your uplifting stories.

  24. Wow I loved reading this. This is why you my favorite, your so grounded and down to earth. My kids love listening to you music. Thanks for all you do and the great music you play. 🙂 Gray family Odessa Tx

  25. Wonderful post! You sure know how to write and really hit home! It is wonderful to hear a man talk about his wife publicly that way! You are awesome! Thanks again!

  26. Thanks so much for writing this, yes like I am sure a few others have said, I cried several times. Aaron, you are a man of good values and Godly passions! We (my daughter and I) saw you when you were around the Victoria Tx area twice in a month or so and I can’t tell you how much she stills talks about the “time” you gave her. She was a little jr high baby at that time and now is a sophomore in high school and keeps up with all your happenings. We have continued to pray for your entire family. Thanks again!!

  27. Aaron.. Thank you again for an amazing blog! I am addicted and can’t wait for the next one… 🙂 God Bless you and your family as well during this time. I am sure that God will get y’all through this.

    Thanks again!

  28. I am a HUGE fan of you and your music and I am so glad I found your blog, I absolutely LOVE it!! You have a way with words and are truly an inspiration to me. I am so impressed with your strong morals and family values and it is so refreshing to hear a man with your beliefs and views. I love that you have not let success discourage your faith and small town values. I wish there was AW’s Cowboy Church, I would with out a doubt be there every Sunday!! Keep up the great work and you will always be a success with an attitude like yours! I also wanted to let you know my favorite part of coming to your show is the Meet & Greet afterwards… You are always so friendly and make every fan feel special and appreciated, you are a true gentleman!

  29. Aaron, your mamma raised you right – that I know for sure, since she is one of my favorite peoplel! We are praying for you, your family, and your sweet baby. 🙂

  30. Roger Staubach was the BEST! He is such a nice guy, back in the late 70’s my older brother had a very serious heart condition and had to have multiple surgery’s. He was a huge cowboys fan and someone at the hospital called Roger and he invited my parents and my brother to his house for dinner. The hung out all night talking football, all for a 7 year old kid. First class guy!

  31. Aaron, I have been a huge fan of yours since you came to College Station and played at the Hall of Fame probably 6 years ago. I’m so glad to read your blog and know you are still the same great man. I’m sorry for the tragedy that has hit your family. Know that lots of people are praying for y’all.

  32. LOVED your blog! I cried reading the part about the kiddos at St. Jude’s. We have some close friends whose 4 year old son is fighting Leukemia and my heart goes out to families who are struggling illnesses of such magnitude. Still praying for Kim and sweet Julia Grace! God is bigger than any illness or abnormality and I have a great deal of respect for you and how you are handling this with such grace! God is good and HE will take care of you! Love ya and can’t wait to see you in concert again!

  33. Thank you for this great blog. I love Carrie and totally loved your blog. I loved how you described yourself as a Christian artist that sings country music. I think you could describe Carrie that way, also. She has never hidden her faith or her love of country music. I listen to her music everyday. I also love How Great Thou Art that she and Vince sang so beautifully together. I still get chill bumps everytime I listen to it. Carrie tops my list and has ever since the first time I saw her. I think she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. I will definitely be checking out your music now. Thanks again!

  34. AW –

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. We are praying for your girls at our house. Keep up the faith, and the good work laid before you.

    The Thomas’

  35. For what it’s worth, “ME & CARRIE UNDERWOOD” is only partially incorrect – they should be switched around. Carrie Underwood and Me is acceptable – so long as it’s not followed my a verb. Remove the other person and see if it sounds correct – you wouldn’t have a blog post that says “I,” would you? It would say, “Me.” So don’t worry – you’re not in the wrong 🙂

    Now I’ll stop being a grammar Nazi and be a little more serious. I heard through FB about what your family is going through and I check your page often to see if there are any updates. I don’t know when your wife is due, but I don’t know how you go do all these shows knowing what’s coming. …other than through the strength of God. I truly think you are an amazing and grateful person and, like many others have said, God will bless you for being that way. I pray for your family and will continue to do so. God bless you.

  36. Wow!! This is a great read!! It truly shows how great a person you really are Aaron. I am not a blog reader but I really enjoy yours. I love how you are open and honest about your faith. It is a major inspiration for me. I haven’t been a fan long but have became a huge fan of yours recently. I hope to see you live if you ever make it up to Kansas City. All the best and God bless!!

  37. Thanks so much for sharing. Your heart is so big! Aaron god has a plan for you and I believe you are right on track sharing your faith in god and being such an awesome encouragement to others as a leader. You are so inspiring and honest. You give woman faith there is great men out there. Reading this and seeing the compassion you have for your wife and family is so touching. That is what I always say makes you even Hotter!!! Seeing the love you have for your wife and family. I have been to at least 30 of your shows and you have never failed to mention your sweetheart. Thanks for being you Aaron!!!
    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to the Julia Grace blog.
    God bless,

  38. Best part of your post is when you said, “I am not a Country Artist… I am a Christian Artist that sings country music”. Thanks Aaron!! Praise God for your talent and that you share it with us!

  39. I love how you love. God bless. Praying for your family as you grieve little Julia Grace.

  40. Alright, I’ve secretly been stalking your blog, twitter and music for who knows how long. We live in Abilene, and I’ve seen you all over town, little-league baseball games, young life banquets, performances, you name it. I have never had the “courage” to come up to you and say hello, because I’m sure you get that all the time, and I would imagine it is flattering, but overwhelming at times when you’re just trying to have some family time. I was cracking up at this post, because it was reminding me of me! haha! Very well written!

    I was at the Zach Robinson banquet when you announce the pregnancy and have been thinking of you and your family and praying for y’all since the day I heard the news about the diagnosis. What an incredible “platform” you have been given by God and how graciously you have accepted it. I’ve lost a baby I didn’t even know and I know that pain. I am thankful that you and your family have to courage and the strength found in Christ to not only make it through the hard times, but to glorify HIM through it.

    Just thought I’d finally leave a comment, have a blessed week!

  41. Just found your blog. Thank you for sharing your heart, talents and faith.

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