Bluebonnets (Julia’s Song)

It was nearly six months after Julia Grace passed away when springtime naturally rolled around, and of course that meant it was time for the annual Easter photos of the kids. That year, as you can imagine, was much different though. It was hard to not wonder what the photos would have looked like with a six-month old baby Julia added to the picture.

Kimberly had decided that she wanted to take photos out at the little country cemetery where we laid Julia’s earthly body to rest. At first, I wasn’t too keen on the idea – I mean, who takes Easter pictures at a cemetery? – so I tried to persuade her otherwise, suggesting a park, or perhaps our ranch, or the old beautiful Episcopal Church downtown, but I struck out swinging. She had her heart set on this.

So one sunny afternoon, with the kids dressed up in their coordinating spring outfits, we loaded up and drove to the little cemetery about twenty minutes south of town. When we pulled through the gates, the entire cemetery was covered in the most beautiful blanket of bluebonnets. As usual, we parked under the tree next to where Julia is buried, and as we almost always do, we let the kids get out and walk around a bit. While they explored a while, Kimberly walked around until she found the absolute perfect spot she had envisioned for the pictures.

Now don’t get me wrong, Kimberly is an incredible photographer, but let’s give credit where credit is due. If you’ve ever wondered why our kids always have these million dollar smiles in every photograph, it’s usually because there is a dancing monkey in background, aka “Me” doing whatever it takes, just so she can get that perfect shot with all three smiling at the same time.

At some point during the photo shoot, as I watched Jake, Jack, & Jolee Kate giggle and dance around in those fields of bluebonnets and headstones, it became increasingly obvious to me that Kimberly was right – this was the perfect place to take our Easter photos. You see, Easter isn’t about candy eggs and chocolate bunnies; it’s about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He gave His life so that someday we can live again, eternally with Him.

The symbolism between the bluebonnets and the headstones was reflective of the life we live. I rejoiced because it was a reminder that in this world we are surrounded by death, but thanks to the love and grace of Jesus Christ, we will live beyond those graves. To me, it was a reminder that the little girl that we buried just 6 months earlier was not there in the ground of that little cemetery, but rather she is in Heaven, and someday, because of Jesus, I will see her again.

“O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?” The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  (1 Corinthians 15:55-57)

Later that night, after the kids went to bed, I sat quietly, still picturing our three oldest children, surrounded by bluebonnets and headstones, and their little sister buried in the distant background. What at first seemed like such a sad and eerie location, turned into the most beautiful, fitting place for our family’s Easter photos. The entire situation made me that much more thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It was truly an Easter that I will never forget. This Chorus was inspired by that day.

“Like bluebonnets in the spring, we’re only here for a little while. It’s beautiful and bittersweet, so make the most of every mile. So pack light and love heavy, give it all your heart and soul so in the end you wont regret one thing…Life is like bluebonnets in the spring.”

The last few years have taught me that life is sometimes tough, but it is only temporary; this world is not our home. Like I do every day, I pray that Jesus continues to move through our lives, and if you don’t know Jesus, I encourage you to seek Him.


The Watson Family

Listen to Bluebonnets here



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  1. Once again, thank you for sharing your lives and love for Jesus. You have impacted people’s lives, my included in ways you may never fully realized. Thank you! May God bless you and your family!

  2. Well worded, Aaron! You have such a way from speaking from your heart. Every time I listen to that song I think about y’all’s journey & how true the words in that chorus are. I look forward to the bluebonnets in the spring & getting that annual picture because they ARE “only here for a little while”. I lost my husband unexpectedly in October, 2009, & can relate to the chorus so much. Blessings on you all!

  3. I absolutely love reAding about your family. This was very touching as usual. I admire yAlls faith and everything yall have been through as a family. Love yall!

  4. I love that song. I got the privilege to meet your husband at the Denton stock show. My husband myself and our now 17month old daughter where listening to his sound check. Our daughter was getting cranky so I started dancing with her as he sang. We started to leave as he calls us over and began to play with our daughter in the fan because it was so hot. Just seeing his care free expression on his face while he was holding her touched a certain place in my heart as I know he would do the same with y’all’s daughter.

  5. Man, this hits so close to home. I’ve had your album on repeat for the past month or so. I’ve liked this song since I first heard it. I just never knew the story behind it. I guess I never put the two together. We lost our baby girl before she made her appearance on this earth. But, It still hit my wife and I like a ton of bricks right to the chest. We were so excited for our boys to have a baby sister. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hear it again without a tear in my eye. Be sure and play it the next time you’re in OKC. I’ll make sure I’m in the crowd.

  6. Thanks for sharing such a touching story. We’ve got 1 little girl & we’ve lost 2 sweet babies. It’s hard sometimes, but your words & God’s words are so true. This life is only temporary & 1 glorious day we’ll all be together as a family & that’s enough to get me through. God bless you & your sweet family! 😉

  7. This is absolutely one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read! I’ve listened to you play a thousand times in person, and you are often on repeat in my car! My husband laughs because I think I own almost every album on iTunes, but each time this song comes on we both sit silently singing it to ourselves because of it’s beauty, and the meaning behind! You and your family are a true testimony of Godly love, and I appreciate all that you stand for! He and I both love your music and you are our favorite singer!

  8. WOW…..beautifully said and with so much meaning. It amazes me daily how things happen in our lives and we don’t pay much attention at the moment….but once we reflect and allow ourselves to see the true beauty & magic that our Lord creates for us every day….well it is just pretty darn amazing to me! Thank you for your dedication & praise that you share with us and the love you pass on…bless you and that beautiful family.

  9. God bless you and your sweet family Aaron! Please keep writing and playing, your music is soul healing for me. This song is so beautiful.

  10. You are an amazing artist and using your God Given Gift to help others who may be going through the same situation! Thank you for all that you are doing!

    Dee Hill

  11. So beautiful! You have a way with words… I love the song and I really love this beautiful tribute to your baby. God bless you, Aaron.

  12. Thank you for picking the Barbed Wire Halo Blog back up. I pray for peace for your family. You are such an inspiration to me, you’re an awesome and amazing artist that I can share with my children. Thank you Aaron Watson for being you.

  13. Our hearts break for you and your wonderful family for the loss of your sweet baby girl. Thank you for sharing the story behind your beautiful song. It’s truly one of your all-time best songs (& I pretty much love all of your songs!!). Truly inspired by Christ … brings tears to my eyes each time I hear it. Thank you for being such a light!! Keep up the good work and sharing the Good News! We love y’all!!

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